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Vasl handcuff

Vasl handcuff

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Make a statement with this festive yet traditional handcuff. Crafted from an ethnic floral pattern, this vasl accessory adds instant beauty and charm to any arm. The stylish design summons a vivid sense of festivity perfect for events and celebrations while also paying homage to age-old craftsmanship. Slip it on and instantly elevate your look with clever playfulness that's sure to garner attention and start conversations. Whether you pair it with an elegant sari or modern Western attire, this handcuff brings a distinctive and energetic pop of pattern and color. Go ahead - make a statement. Your arm is waiting for this joyful piece of tradition with a modern twist.

Adjustable size

It is to be kept away from water and other harsh chemicals. 

Locally manufactured and handmade, it is possible that finishing is not as clear and fine as it seems in the picture

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