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Multilayered ghungro payal (one piece)

Multilayered ghungro payal (one piece)

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This intricately crafted ghungroo anklet is a treasure. With layers of metallic charms and tinkling bells, it summons the glamor of classical Indian dance, evoking visions of swirling skirts and rhythmic footwork.made using techniques passed down through generations, each anklet contains a melody waiting to be unlocked with every step. When you walk, the delicate charms chime and sway, announcing your arrival and imbuing any outfit with an exotic flair. Slip these on and suddenly you’re transported to an age of maharajas and dancing girls, spice bazaars and camel caravans. Though vintage in style, these ghungroos are made to be worn and enjoyed today. After all, some things—like the call of the anklet—never go out of fashion.


Made in Pakistan

Available in standard size

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